Color:black Size: S, M, L S- Waist: 64 cm/25.19″ Length (Short Side): 37 cm/14.5…

I’m beginning to feel like a broken record at this point, but if you’ve yet to follow my friend’s new site, The Haven List, you may not yet realize just what you’ve been missing. Melissa has an eye unlike no other, and always manages to find the most beautiful home tours in existence. Case in point: this beauty of a home in Newport Beach. Designed by Lindye Galloway & Brandon Architects, it’s as dreamy as can be. And while it’s never easy to narrow down the photos, this time the struggle was particularly real (it’s a rough life, I know). There is simply so much beauty to be seen, and I encourage you to take it all in below. Enjoy!

Color:black Size: S, M, L S- Waist: 64 cm/25.19″ Length (Short Side): 37 cm/14.56″ Length (Long Side): 51 cm/20.07″ M- Waist: 68 cm/26.77″ Length (Short Side): 38 cm/14.96″ Length (Long Side): 52 cm/20.47″ L- Waist: 72 cm/28.34″ Length (Short Side): 39 cm/15.35″ Length (Long Side): 53 cm/20.86″ Material: Cotton Mix YOUVIMI COMMITMENT: We have complete return and replacement policy, we insist that The customer's interests is most important, your satisfaction is our greatest happiness.Please feel

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